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FIFA 18 Changes and How to get Adjusted to the New

he more you play ' FIFA 17 ' the more you realize some aspects that fail when players jump onto the pitch. In this point I will differentiate two different sections, one that directly affects the regulation of football and another to the playable facet of ' FIFA '. As for the regulation, we find an aspect that can be purely anecdotal, as it is the obligation to take center with two players and was ahead, when from last season can start the game a single player and directly back. The second rule problem is more serious, and it is the offside rule, which must be noted (according to current regulations) when the player touches the ball or tries to play it, something that does not happen in ' FIFA ', as if the ball passes near a player in offside this will be immediately poked and fifa 18 free coins can help you go through any defence by having cristiano ronaldo by your side. In addition, at this point AI problems come together as discussed earlier, where the offside player controlled by artificial intelligence decides to go and find the ball by mutual consent.


Then we find another aspect that influences playable terrain ostentatiously. On the one hand, there is the system of passes, it is true that ' FIFA ' allows to play in an assisted, semi-assisted or manual, but still the passes are not just as accurate as they should be. If this is not enough, the game also enters the first touch, where on numerous occasions the player is caught in the ball or the passes are short despite giving a lot of power or vice versa.

There is life beyond FUT

I have been playing and enjoying a lot of ' FIFA ', season after season, but in recent times watching the evolution of FUT mode and the rest of the game, I feel there is a great lack of confidence on the part of EA Sports regarding Ultimate Team. It is true that this is a ticket machine for the American company, but there are many things that could be improved in other modes of play. For example, I do not understand why if you can play cooperative games online, you can not play 2 vs 2 with friends. The Career mode could have a much greater depth, more interaction with the players, a greater control over the management and you can easily do it with astuce fifa 18 coins ... And so we could continue with the other modes like Pro Clubs, whose level of customization is minimal, And it would not be wrong to have more flexibility when looking for opponents, among other things. Finally, since we are going to continue the journey of Alex Hunter in "The Journey", it would not be bad thing that the story will continue with a rhythm similar to its beginnings, and not to the final part where the narrative is completely lost.

Not only the Premier lives the man

Last season, EA Sports surprised us with a spectacular treatment to the Premier League, the English first division. This allowed us to enjoy a practically complete recreation of this competition, with its real trainers, all players of the squad, stadiums, signs, advertising, etcetera. Well, having the exclusive license of the Santander League or the Bundesliga, it would be great if these very relevant leagues (along with others), within the soccer world, had the same treatment. In fact, surely all fans of Athletic or Villarreal (to name a couple of teams) would like to play in their stadiums or see their coach in the band.

Take care of the facet online

Another problem I found in ' FIFA 17 ', and is something that I did not happen in previous installments, is that the network of servers was more unstable. For example, I found myself pretty assiduously with notifications inside the game where they warned you of an error connecting to EA Sports servers. In the background, I have also encountered lag problems or player crashes more often than usual (although we already know that there are many people who voluntarily disconnect). All this leads me to think that Electronic Arts should take much more care of this facet online, and, for example, there should be some system of criminalization with "cheaters" to try to end this practice. In addition, another way to improve this facet is to offer a greater variety of possibilities,


These are just some of the changes we would like to see in ' FIFA 18 ', do you agree with them? Luckily, it seems that we should not wait long to have the first details of the new ' FIFA ', so if you want to be attentive to all the news, I invite you to follow the EA Play 2017 with us next Saturday.

Post by fifa18coinstricks (2017-08-13 16:09)

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